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Date(s) - 02/12/2021
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Mt. Tam Racquet Club



We are pleased to be launching PD-Connect’s First BIG Step™ program. The First BIG Step Program is a multidimensional, educational platform addressing specific exercises for newly-diagnosed people with Parkinson’s disease or those new to Parkinson’s specific exercise. Due to COVID-19, this program is now available and appropriate for anyone at any stage of Parkinson’s.

Our program consists of lecture based learning, PWR!Moves instruction (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery), boot camp style group exercise, and an arrangement of PD assessments that can be tracked over time.

Thank you again so much for helping us to launch and prosper and help the ever growing PD community.

Key Points about the First BIG Step and PD-Connect:

1) PD-Connect® classes are still happening Monday-Friday through the Zoom meeting ID 4444066660, and unique password.

2) People who are already signed up for the PD-Connect email newsletter will still receive all of our regular weekly sendings.

3) The First BIG Step is a newly developed program that SteF and I created and received an award from the Parkinson’s Foundation to provide up to 10 sessions of the FBS in a calendar year. We recommend people attend 2-3 per year.

4) The First BIG Step is a totally separate program and is NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE to PD-Connect classes. YOU CAN DO BOTH!

5) Attending the First BIG Step Program is actually a TWO-STEP Process!!

Step 1:  Sign up to the First BIG Step newsletter through our website or the link below, and you will receive periodic updates on upcoming sessions.

Step 2: Once you are receiving the First BIG Step newsletters, there will be further instructions and links on how to register for the specific Zoom webinar link for that session and reserve your spot. This will be a new password protected Zoom link that only allows people who are registered for the specific date and know the new password can join. We hope to have a calendar set up shortly, so that people can plan well in advance for which sessions they are able to attend.

6) The First BIG Step is ideally suited for those who are newly diagnosed, or new to Parkinson’s exercise and feel comfortable with performing exercises in standing, sitting and on the floor. The duration of the program will be at least 2 hours, depending on how many people sign up for each session. So be prepared to stay the entire time.

7) The First BIG Step is made possible thanks to the contribution from the Parkinson’s Foundation. Your personal information will NOT BE SHARED with the Parkinson’s Foundation other than a headcount of how many people attended each session. Only SteF and I will have access to your name and email as provided by signing up for the newsletter list. The First BIG Step is Free of Charge.

To join our First BIG Step mailing list and receive further updates and instructions on how to register for specific sessions, please click on this link:



Best regards,
Lisa and SteF