Q: What Motivates You To Exercise? A: My caregiver getting up and clanking in the kitchen–otherwise I might stay in bed longer. -Mr. Short

Jul 15, 2023

We asked our community what motivates them to exercise. Here’s what they said:

  • My caregiver getting up and clanking around in the kitchen — otherwise I might stay in bed longer.
  • I want to keep Parkinson symptoms “under arrest” and exercise does that.
  • Imagining the folded alpha synuclein getting cleaned out of my brain as when I am at 80% of my max HR.
  • How much younger and confident I feel when I exercise.
  • It is one thing I can do to slow the progression of PD.
  • I have fewer PD symptoms when I exercise.
  • At times exercise works more effectively than the medication!
  • The understanding that if I don’t try hard, I’ll be overtaken by Parkie’s.
  • My deceased mother who had PD for 25 years and showed me we can live with PD with grace and dignity.
  • Exercise reduces my fear of the effects of PD on my future.
  • I am aiming for 3 hours of structured exercise per day, with at least 60 minutes of Fitbit active minutes in a day.
  • Exercise is the only neuroprotective thing I can actively do for myself, keeps me at it.
  • On the days I exercise I am more likely to be upbeat, fun to be around, less stressed, more relaxed.
  • I will add that your humor and the sense of community from both classes works wonders. Proverbs from the Old Testament says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”
  • Find a sport or activity that you enjoy doing. This is a win/win for you. You get the metabolic benefits from exercising and you have no trouble doing the exercise because you enjoy that sort of activity.
  • I always feel a sense of accomplishment after attending a class or just taking a walk.
  • I try to listen to some fun, upbeat music-without that I’m dead meat.
  • If I really put forth good effort, I am rewarded with a better night’s sleep.


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